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Curved belts

Ensure smooth transitions without bottlenecks with curved belts.
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In the world of food production, there are daily challenges you need to take care of. A curved belt adapts perfectly in small production environments with different angles and radius curves. If you need to twist your operation through all sorts of corners, it’s best to do it right the first time.

Transportband types

Foto blok
Curved wire mesh belt
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Fabric curved belt
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Modular curved conveyor

Conveyor belt Types


How to always guarantee food safety within a limited space

You want to transport your products safely and without loss of quality, but also need to be adaptable in order to optimise the layout of your production environment. What’s more, reliability is key to avoiding unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs, while at the same time you want to stay within budget. Fortunately, we have the solution: the curved belt.


Limited space, big results

Curved conveyor belts offer an efficient and hygienic solution to optimise production flow, allowing you to move products safely and cost-effectively, even when space is limited. You are thus able to meet food safety standards, maintain product integrity and increase the reliability of your production process. In short, curved belts are the connecting link to smooth and efficient production in the food industry.

Our Approach: Excels in Connecting

Connecting separate process steps creates continuity. In just five steps, we develop the perfect production line together with you:

Initial Meeting & Advice
Design & Proposal
Assembly & Setup
Installation & Transport
Service & Maintenance

Do you still have questions about our conveyor belt options?

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