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Fabric conveyor belts

Carefree transport with fabric conveyors.
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Time is money, also in the food industry. Therefore, our fabric conveyor belts offer a high transport speed. No more delays, but a smooth continuous flow of products to the next stage. Now you can achieve your production targets, cut costs, and boost your competitiveness.

Transportband types

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Fabric curved belt
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Special conveyors
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Straight fabric conveyor belt

Conveyor belt Types


Features of a Fabric Conveyor Belt

A fabric conveyor belt, also known as a PU conveyor belt, is made up of several layers of woven material. To ensure optimum hygiene, the conveyor belt is finished with a top layer of PU (polyurethane) as standard. Thanks to its friction drive and small nose takeover (knife-edge) , this conveyor can effortlessly transport small and fragile products without causing any damage.



Fabric conveyor: for worry-free processing while maintaining quality

Maintaining the quality and structure of your products is essential. Our conveyors ensure that your products are guided safely and without any damage through the production process. You can forget the hassle of having to move products manually. What’s more, you can be sure that our solutions are robust. This makes damaged and deformed products a thing of the past and gives you the guarantee of a disruption-free process.

Our approach: Excels in Connecting

Connecting separate process steps creates continuity. In just five steps, we develop the perfect production line together with you:

Inventory & Advice
Design & Proposal
Assembly & Setup
Installation & Transport
Service & Maintenance

Do you still have questions about our conveyor belt options?

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