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Strong in connecting starts at Marvu, so does your career.

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Learning together, Now that's strong in connecting.
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Strong in connecting starts at Marvu, so does your career.

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Hey there student. Yes, you!

We saw it straight away. You can’t hide your ambitions from us. If it were up to you, you’d learn the tricks of the trade today. But that doesn’t surprise us, to be honest. The wondrous world of engineering has a lot to offer. But these opportunities also bring challenges. Because what do you choose? What profession will you pursue and at what company? Our team can’t wait to welcome you in the future. That’s why we’d like to tell you more about what we can offer. After that, the choice is yours.

Together we build your future

Whatever your technical education, we’d love to have you on the team. Together, we can work on your personal skills and build our business. With experienced professionals as your supervisors, we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise. We believe that investing in young talent is crucial for the growth and innovation of our industry. Which is why we believe in providing a learning environment that inspires.

Are you ready to join Marvu next school year?

For the coming school year, we’re looking for enthusiastic techies who are eager to learn the tricks of the trade in our company. From welding and machining to assembly. Did you know that our students are even allowed to help assemble conveyors and machines on site? Travelling the world during your internship. Does that sound like something for you? You’ll also be responsible for your own projects, of course with support from one of your teammates. In consultation, we come up with a nice package of tasks that suits your learning goals.

That's why an internship at Marvu is the right choice

Get hands-on experience 

And learn new professional skills.


Expand your network

Get in touch with industry professionals and expand your network.


Learn new skills

Our team will show you everything you need to know to do your job well.


Complete your CV

Show that you’re eager to learn and are ready for the future.

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