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Solid plastic conveyor belts

Optimise your production process with plastic conveyor belts
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With our solid plastic conveyors, you aren’t just minimising maintenance efforts, you’re also significantly reducing production disruptions.

Transportband types

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Inclined plastic conveyor belts
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Straight plastic conveyor belts

Conveyor belt Types


Made of durable material

Our solid plastic conveyor belts, such as the popular Thermodrive and Cleandrive, are made of abrasion-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane, ensuring a durable and strong belt. These all-plastic conveyors offer more than just strength, they also ensure superior hygiene thanks to their closed design. With positive drive, we guarantee slip-free and precise product transport.

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Various options for a plastic conveyor belt

When buying a new conveyor system, you look at aspects such as maintenance costs, hygiene requirements and potential production shutdowns. That’s why we design our conveyor belts with a strong focus on durability, easy maintenance and strict hygiene standards. It allows you to concentrate purely on production, without worrying about the complexity of logistical challenges.

Our Approach: Excels in Connecting

Connecting separate process steps creates continuity. In just five steps, we develop the perfect production line together with you:

Initial Meeting & Advice
Design & Proposal
Assembly & Setup
Installation & Transport
Service & Maintenance

Do you still have questions about our conveyor belt options?

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