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Wire mesh conveyor belts

Optimise service life with wire mesh conveyors
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Are you fed up with the constant wear and unexpected downtime of your wire mesh conveyors? At Marvu, we understand your frustrations all too well. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions that take the durability and reliability of your wire mesh conveyors to the next level.

Transportband types

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Curved wire mesh belt
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Straight wire mesh conveyor belts

Conveyor belt Types

The advantages of a wire mesh conveyor belt

Imagine having the ability to optimise your production process without any effort, while ensuring the highest quality and hygiene of your food products. That’s all within reach with a wire mesh conveyor. Thanks to this smart solution, you can focus on meeting production targets while the conveyor focuses on a smooth and efficient flow of products.


Wire mesh conveyor belt: for food-safe product handling

You can throw away your concerns about damaged produce, as the wire mesh conveyor handles small and fragile products with the utmost care. Moreover, cleaning is a breeze thanks to its easy accessibility and open structure. Customise the wire mesh conveyor to your exact specifications and experience a flexible, reliable and hygienic transport solution.

Our Approach: Excels in Connecting

Connecting separate process steps creates continuity. In just five steps, we develop the perfect production line together with you:

Initial Meeting & Advice
Design & Proposal
Assembly & Setup
Installation & Transport
Service & Maintenance

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